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So you've been named a trustee — perhaps of a trust created by a family member or another third party. As its name implies, the role of trustee carries significant responsibilities. You must carry out certain duties with diligence and care.

For most people, trust administration involves far too much risk and nuance to tackle on their own. As a trustee, you must uphold high standards. You are accountable to the beneficiaries. You could even be held personally responsible if something goes wrong.

Get Caring, Professional Guidance

At the law firm of David R. Bruegel, P.C., in Mason, Michigan, you can get the professional help you need to fulfill your duties as a trustee. Attorney David Bruegel provides step-by-step guidance rooted in 35-plus years of legal experience. His reputation for honesty, integrity and diligence sets him apart as an advocate who is truly dedicated to helping people.

For David, guiding clients through the legal mazes of life is more than just a job; it's a calling. He practices law with passion and purpose.

You can look to David Bruegel for detailed guidance on all aspects of probate and trust administration, including:

  • Interpreting and enforcing the terms of the trust
  • Managing trust property
  • Providing accountings of the trust property
  • Making distributions to the beneficiaries

Should a dispute erupt — something that is all too common when high-value assets are at stake — attorney Bruegel is qualified to protect your interests. You will find that David is more than just a legal adviser. He fills the many roles an accomplished lawyer must embody. A good listener, he is also a tireless champion in the courtroom as well as a skilled negotiator, writer, speaker and problem-solver.

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Call 517-833-4196 or complete the online contact form to learn more. Based in Mason, attorney Bruegel serves clients throughout the Ingham County area and across the country.