Navigating The Perils Of Probate Litigation

We All Need A Champion

You've lost a loved one. That alone is overwhelming. Now, looking up at a mountain of grief, you're bracing for an avalanche of legal complications.

Probate litigation refers to disputes over the property and wishes of someone who has passed away. Michigan probate courts also handle disagreements about how to care for someone who can't manage his or her own affairs due to disability, disease or aging. Common issues that lead to probate litigation include:

  • Will contests (disputes over the validity of the will — for example, allegations of undue influence)
  • Disputes in proceedings to appoint a guardian for an adult or minor
  • Disagreements over the validity or interpretation of a trust
  • Challenges to the actions (or inaction) of the executor or trustee

Why Enlist The Guidance Of A Professional?

You wouldn't attempt to summit Mount Everest without a trusted and experienced guide — someone who knows the terrain like the back of his hand; someone who can read the conditions and spot the subtle signs of danger; someone who can get you safely to the top and back home again.

In many ways, probate litigation is similar. Your lawyer must understand all the crags, crevices and pitfalls of probate law. He or she must have a keen eye for detail, observing the tiniest shifts in the judge's body language before carefully proceeding onto what could be a precarious path. As your advocate, your lawyer's goal should be not just your survival, but your triumph.

Tread The Path Ahead With Confidence

You will find this type of tireless advocate at the law firm of David R. Bruegel, P.C., in Mason, Michigan. Like a seasoned Sherpa, attorney Bruegel has time-tested experience navigating the perils of litigation. He is equally skilled at telling a compelling story in court and finding creative ways to resolve disputes out of court. You can feel confident knowing David will chart a course for success based on your individual needs and priorities.

"[David] is honest and caring ... I trust him completely." — Lynne, a former probate client

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