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It's never easy to watch a loved one's physical or mental health deteriorate. Disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, severe mental illness and brain damage can gradually turn your loved one into someone you hardly recognize. Legal intervention may become necessary to protect his or her well-being.

Understanding Your Legal Options For Helping Your Loved One

Adult guardianships and conservatorships protect those who are unable to adequately care for themselves (in legal terms, incapacitated).

  • A court-appointed guardian will have responsibility for the incapacitated adult's physical well-being and major life decisions.
  • A conservator will have legal authority to manage his or her financial affairs and property.

Unless your loved one established the right estate planning documents, you will likely have to pursue guardianship and conservatorship in court. The court will look closely at your loved one's circumstances to determine whether he or she is legally incapacitated.

Feel Confident And Comfortable About Pursuing Legal Intervention

Are you struggling with the difficult decision of appointing a legal guardian for your loved one? Understanding the legal landscape of Michigan probate law — and how it applies to your loved one's situation — can give you a better picture of the road ahead. Start scoping out the lay of the land by speaking with Mason-based attorney David R. Bruegel.

Attorney Bruegel devotes his practice to helping those in desperate legal straits. Drawing on more than 35 years of legal experience, he brings light to the darkness of legal crises. He will invest the time to understand your situation on a deeper level than just the legal elements. David appreciates the importance of what's at stake in guardianship proceedings — the dignity and welfare of a human being.

Lawyer David Bruegel has a gift for calming the storms of life with clarity and direction. The result: a strategic plan of action you can feel good about.

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