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For many people, divorce is a very painful process. During this time, it is important to have a compassionate and experienced divorce attorney on your side who will respect your emotions, listen to your concerns and help you clearly determine what legal steps are in your best interest. At David R. Bruegel, P.C., we understand that one person's needs are different from another's in a divorce, whether it is a high net worth, contested or collaborative divorce. Mason lawyer David Bruegel respects both the cultural differences and the different personal experiences that people bring to the legal arena.

Michigan is a no-fault divorce state. This means that whether your spouse had an affair or was otherwise to blame for the marital breakdown, the family law court will not necessarily take that into account in determining child custody, child support and other issues. Under rare circumstances, however, fault may be a consideration in property division and spousal support or alimony determinations.

The family law judge cannot grant a divorce sooner than 30 days after one files the initial complaint (60 if there are minor children). Even if you have already gone through mediation before you file an official complaint for divorce, you will still have to wait 30 or 60 days for it to become finalized into a judgment of divorce.

In Michigan, legal separation is referred to as separate maintenance. Some people prefer to file a separate maintenance action instead of filing for divorce because of religious reasons, insurance concerns, tax purposes or for other reasons. If the other spouse files a counter-complaint for divorce, the legal separation proceedings are automatically converted to divorce.

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