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We All Need A Champion

For anyone that has gone through the experience (one or more times), which incidentally, has included me - it is an experience that not only requires an appropriately trained and experienced lawyer, it really also requires (or would help if it included), a lawyer who knows how the thing feels: the sense of hurt, of betrayal, of disappointment, of anger, of sadness, of fear for the future (particularly with regard to money but also as to companionship).

Not that divorce or painful separation from a once intimate relationship is unusual. The stats are up and over 50 percent of official marriages and REALLY higher, if persons that never got married but separated were counted.

An epidemic? A sign of the times? Little loyalty? Little sense of obligation outside of oneself and one's own personal interest? A torrent of selfishness, everywhere you look?

What does it matter? It absolutely does not matter to the Judge. Michigan is a "NO-FAULT" divorce state. What does that mean? That transgressions are ignored? That breach or willful, wanton acts that might constitute a high penalty if we were discussing criminal or negligence law mean nothing in the divorce court?

So how are you going to call? Ghostbusters?

I have decided that this is a subject that calls upon everything about me, my own personal background, my commitment to the welfare of my clients, an understanding of their feelings and significant needs, financial and otherwise, going forward. Also my ability, it seems, to be of some comfort to persons in the process, as that is provided and needed (maybe to a lesser degree in other contexts) in my regular practice, which is about people. People and their situation. People and their trouble, their need, their confusion and angry, difficult, no-sleep situations.

I stand by my clients. They get my cellphone number and are invited and encouraged to call whenever, when it gets to be too much. When they have a question torturing them.

A lot or attorneys don't do this. Possibly a sane attorney wouldn't. But I come from a family service tradition of, like my grandfather, the first doctor in East Lansing (and like my father, as well) and I hope like ME and even more hopefully, like my children, as they grow up and figure out what it means to be in business, in profession, in service. Ya got to be there. They got to be able to get to you. Really anytime. A quick call back. Possibly a rescue or at least plain help.

There are many divorce situations. We understand that and have prepared ourselves and would prepare you for whatever might come in this process. Below are some of the situations that could occur that need special concern and legal ability that we offer, really need to offer:

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