Mason-Area Lawyer | Resolving Business Disputes Through Creative Problem-Solving

We All Need A Champion

Businesses are not immune from the complexities of human relationships. Behind every business is a human being — and the potential for human conflict.

When disputes arise in the context of a business, the stakes may be high. The growth, operation and success of your business may hang in the balance.

Attorney David R. Bruegel understands the magnitude of business disputes and the threat they pose to your success. Before establishing his own practice in Mason, Michigan, David spent 30-plus years building experience as an accomplished corporate lawyer. He honed the analytical skills, technical knowledge and attention to detail that led his clients to success. David now applies that experience to help local businesses, farmers and other commercial ventures.

Preventing Disputes Before They Arise

There's no surefire way to protect your business from the threat of litigation. However, developing strategies for anticipating and resolving disputes before they erupt into full-fledged litigation can go a long way toward protecting your business. Attorney Bruegel can help you identify vulnerabilities and shore up the ramparts.

When disputes do arise, the right approach makes a big difference. Lawyer David Bruegel has a talent for resolving disputes through creative problem-solving. He can readily cut through complex issues to identify opportunities for a favorable resolution. David has saved business clients time and money by negotiating settlements in contract disputes, employment matters and other legal conflicts.

"I met David two years ago and did not ever think I would need a lawyer. However, in my business I did come across situations that required legal counsel. He was able to accurately assess the situation and advise me on the safest and non confrontational path I would be able to take in order to save me time and money. I would certainly recommend David with no reservations." — Nisha, business client

While David excels at resolving business disputes in a proactive manner, he is also capable of protecting your interests in court, should the need arise. He has strong persuasive skills and courtroom savvy.

Get To Know Lawyer David Bruegel

Get to know David and learn more about how he can help. Call David R. Bruegel, P.C., in Mason (about 20 minutes from Lansing) at 517-833-4196 or send an email. David serves business clients across the country.